New York Transco -- New York Energy Solution and Related Projects

New York Transco is currently constructing the New York Energy Solution and developing the Rock Tavern to Sugarloaf and Dover Station projects. NY Independent System Operator awarded New York Transco construction of New York Energy Solution and development of Rock Tavern to Sugarloaf in April 2019 under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order 1000 competitive solicitation process. These projects will relieve historic congestion on New York's bulk electric system, while facilitating the delivery of clean energy to downstate demand centers.


New York Energy Solution will replace, install, and upgrade approximately 55 miles of transmission line and connecting station infrastructure in an existing transmission corridor. This includes the installation of new, storm resilient monopole structures with a design that will reduce the number of structures in the right-of-way by more than 200. Construction began in March 2021.



Rock Tavern to Sugarloaf will replace aging transmission lines and stations with modern structures along a 12-mile right-of-way, adding needed capacity into the system. The project received its key permit from the NY Public Service Commission and construction is anticipated to begin in early 2022.

Dover Station is a proposed electric substation facility that will help control flows on the bulk power transmission system to serve New York homes and businesses more efficiently and reliably. Construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2022.

All three projects are anticipated to be in-service by year-end 2023.

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